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Македония >> "The Balkans (From the Memoirs of Niazi-Bey the Hero of the Young Turks Revolution Regarding Macedonia)", Indianapolis, 1970 година
Ахмед Ниязи бей Реснели от Ресен, Вардарска Македония - "The Balkans (From the Memoirs of Niazi-Bey the Hero of the Young Turks Revolution Regarding Macedonia)", Indianapolis, 1970 година


(An Authoritative Turkish Testimonial Regarding the Character of the Macedonian Slavs)
"The following pages are intended to introduce the reader to a Turkish document which so eloquently gives information on the question of the Bulgarianism of the Macedonian Slavs.
The legendary Niazi-Bey had written and published his Memoirs in Istanbul (1910). In these Memoirs he writes about the years he spent in his native Macedonia where he served in the Turkish army.
Below we give the contents of some pages of his Memoirs in which Niazi-Bey quite sincerely and frankly speaks about the Macedonian Bulgarians. We are including herein photographs from the original pages printed with the Arabic alphabet, which was then used in Turkey.
Following are also seven photographs, three of them showing the Bulgarian freedom fighter bands descending from the mountains and fraternizing with the Turkish authorities...
..."The Bulgarian Revolution and Insurrection - Foreign Interference Until 1903 I was clerk in the ammunition dump of that company. Often I came into contact with my fellow citizens - Turks, Albanians and Bulgarians. I heard, saw and investigated the rumor that the Bulgarians, especially during the last four years and with an increasing day by day enthusiasm, were preparing for a big revolution, a bloody and dreadful event. Beginning in 1895, the Bulgarian revolutionary struggle, with the help of Bulgarian officers and priests disguised as travelling salesmen of sickles, scythes and other agricultural instruments, succeeded completely in achieving its organization during 1903.
The idea of the revolution had so much advanced during the first several years that the Turkish peasants warned the government about such abuse of freedom and of the press. The government was convinced that it was against the interest of the country to act unfriendly toward Russia. It would be sufficient to mention here the unrestrained action of some traitors such as the chief of the Ohrida district, Ali Yusuf-Bey who not only insulted but also dismissed from their services at the high administrative posts the devout and real Ottoman Christians.
The Bulgarian Revolutionary Organization was governed by Bulgarians from Resen. The underground comitajis movement (freedom fighers bands) was not only organized in Resen, but the first uprising and revolt began there in 1903.
The Ottoman revolutionary movement also began in Resen and it was here that all revolts terminated. While the Bulgarian insurrection in Macedonia and Thrace stirred up and dispersed the people, the revolt of the Osmanlis, on the other hand, gathered and reunited these people. Unity and freedom were achieved and peace was restored..."

Източник: Книгата е предоставена от Институт по История на Българската Емиграция в Северна Америка - "Илия Тодоров Гаджев"

Автор: Ахмед Ниязи бей (1873-1913) е османски военен и политик от албански произход. На 3 юли 1908 г. Ниязи бей излиза с военното си отделение от Ресен и дава начало на Младотурската революция.
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