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Македония >> "Declaration and Overview of the Macedonian Question", Indianapolis, USA, 1988 година
Македонска патриотична организация в САЩ, Канада, Австралия, Нова Зеландия и Южна Америка - "Declaration and Overview of the Macedonian Question", Indianapolis, USA, 1988 година


Декларация и преглед на Македонския въпрос, издаден от Македонската патриотична организация през 1988 г.
Declaration and a historical overview of the Macedonian question, published by the MPO in 1988 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Balkan wars.

"In order to understand the genesis of "The Macedonian Question," a brief review must be made of late 19th century East European history.
The medieval Bulgarian kingdoms included that land which today is commonly known as Macedonia. During the period of these kingdoms, Bulgarian culture, religion and ethnicity flourished in the Macedonian lands....

...An autonomous Macedonia created in 1913 with guaranteed liberties for all its citizens -- Bulgarians, Greeks, Albanians, Turks, Aroumanians, and Jews would have constituted a foundation for genuine peace and understanding in the Balkans...

...After 75 years the situation in Macedonia and the Balkans has not improved. It has worsened. After the Second World War Communist authorities in Yugoslavia continued to impose an undisguised national and cultural genocide through an unprecedented falsification of the past. The Macedonian Bulgarians are no longer Bulgarian but merely "Macedonian". The Yugoslav Communist philosophy of history, accordingly, has created a new and hitherto nonexistent nationality. Greece has also denied the presence of a Bulgarian nationality within her borders, and has therefore rejected any kind of rights for the Bulgarians of southern Macedonia. In Bulgarian Macedonia the population is subjexted to the same political ordeal that the rest of Bulgaria is compelled to accept, a strict Marxist government which permits no political deviation or dissent..."

Източник: Брошурата е предоставена от MPO/МПО

Автор: Македонската патриотична организация (МПО) е политическа организация, основана в САЩ през 1922 г. от емигранти от Егейска Македония. МПО е най-старата, съществуваща до днес, организация в Северна Америка, обединяваща американци и канадци с корени от Македония. Секции на МПО съществуват в различно време в Австралия, Нова Зеландия и Южна Америка.
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