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Македония >> "What every Macedonian Youth should know about Macedonia", публикувано във в. "Македонска Трибуна", брой 789, 811, Indianapolis, USA, 1942 година
Македонска патриотична организация в САЩ, Канада, Австралия, Нова Зеландия и Южна Америка - "What every Macedonian Youth should know about Macedonia", публикувано във в. "Македонска Трибуна", брой 789, 811, Indianapolis, USA, 1942 година


"What every Macedonian Youth should know about Macedonia" (Що секой млад македонец треба да знае за Македония)
"In the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, lies the region knows from ancient times as Macedonia. It is the same country that St. Paul saw in his vision: "There stood a man of Macedonia and prayed Him saying, Come over into Macedonia and help us." It was in Macedonia where the first Christian churches were established and from where Christianity was spread in Europe and throughout the rest of the world." "Ethnically the population of Macedonia is mixed and this is one of the difficulties for the settlement of the Macedonian question...At present in Macedonia are found the following ethnic groups: Bulgarians, Greeks, Arumanians(Vlachs), Turks, Jews, Albanians, Gypsies and others...One of the most controversial subjects among the interested Balkan states is that relative to the per centum which each ethic group represents of the total population of Macedonia. Almost all authorities familiar with the ethnic composition of the Macedonian population - that know its life (morals, habits, customs, culture, historical struggles) - are in agreement that the bulk of the Macedonian population belongs to the Bulgarian ethnic group. To minimize this fact, the Serbian propaganda advanced the theory that the Macedonian slavs are neither Bulgarians nor Serbs, but an amorphous mass of people that can easily be attracted now to one side then to the other. The Greek propaganda, on the other hand advanced a different thesis: It declared the Macedonian slavs as "Bulgarophones," meaning that they are Greeks, but speak Bulgarian. Some extreme representatives of the Serbian and Greek intellectuals have gone so far as to deny the existence of Bulgarians in Macedonia. According to them, there are in Macedonia "pure Serbians" and "pure Hellens". How can we then explain the fact that nearly half a million Macedonian slavs, during the Turkish regime, and after the World War (under Greek and Serbian rule) were emigrating en mass from Macedonia, from Macedonia, being unable to endure the Serbian and Greek terror and settled in Bulgaria? Can anyone conceive or imagine that when two brothers are separated, just because their village is divided by political frontiers, that they belong to different ethnic groups?..In considering the ethnic characters of Macedonia, the Carnegie commission took the following as most reliable statistics for 1900: Turks 499,204; Bulgarians, 1,181,336; Greeks, 228,702; Albanians, 128,711; Vlachs (Arumanians), 80,767; Jews, 67,840; Gypsies, 54,557; Serbians, 700; others, 16,407; Total, 2,268,224; According to the statistics given by the American Geographic society for 1917, and that only for the Christian population of Macedonia, we have the following figures: Bulgarians, 1,172,136; Greeks, 190,047; Vlachs (Arumanians), 63,895; Albanians, 12,000;

Източник: Сканирана от оригинален екземпляр

Автор: Македонската патриотична организация (МПО) е политическа организация, основана в САЩ през 1922 г. от емигранти от Егейска Македония. МПО е най-старата, съществуваща до днес, организация в Северна Америка, обединяваща американци и канадци с корени от Македония. Секции на МПО съществуват в различно време в Австралия, Нова Зеландия и Южна Америка.
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